TODAY PANAMA – Rising prosperity has lifted Panama into the global top 40 for prosperity after improvements in Social Capital and Economic Quality.

Panama has risen just over the threshold into the global top 40, ranking 39th in 2016 having been 41st in 2007.

This rise comes despite slipping in the Governance, Education, Health, Safety & Security, and Natural Environment sub-indices. However, small gains have been made in the Economic Quality, Business Environment, Personal Freedom, and Social Capital sub-indices.

These core foundations of Panama’s prosperity have helped to lift the country’s performance in the Prosperity Index. However, if Panama is to continue to rise, sharply declining Health and Safety & Security performances must be addressed.

In Latin America, Uruguay is the most prosperous, followed by Costa Rica in second place, Chile is 3rd, Panama in 4th place and Argentina fifth.

Visit the Rankings table to see how Panama compares to other countries.

This is the tenth consecutive study carried out by the Legatum Institute and 149 countries were evaluated on variables such as economics, education, entrepreneurship, governance, health, individual freedom and security, were taken into account to make the ladder.

Globally, New Zealand is the nation that occupies first place of prosperity, followed by Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Canada.