by GyL Ledezma Ducruet

“Bocas es amor,” was the campaign and the love was spread all over the archipelago of Bocas del Toro when the organization Fanlyc came to the island to explore, to enjoy the most important things that life has to offer while inspiring hope in the condition of children 11 to 18 years old affected by Cancer. Life is precious and the campaign was a reminder to us all to value every moment as it comes. Much respect to all involved for such an important and impactful initiative. Here is Fundraising Director Gyl Ledezma with the details of this year’s activities.

The Summer Camp is organized yearly for children with cancer that are 11 to 18 years old. It’s the first time that we come to Bocas, the first time that some see the ocean, that they ride on a boat or airplane and leave far away from their parents.

Every year we take them to different destinies that help then value the meaning of life, we have visited Boquete, Contadora, el Valle, Portobelo, Ocú, Santa Clara and many more places… the project consists in giving the children reasons to move on, teach them that the power of healing many times is in their minds and that they have everything that they need in order to be happy. This camp began 16 years ago, and every year it has increased it’s standards. Bocas was our dream…

This year the experience was incredible, the theme for this camp was Bocas is Love and we prepared a internarary where they could experience the best of Isla Colon and Carenero. The first day was the love for the place, the second day: love for nature, third day: love for the people and lastly love for life.

Fanlyc is a non profit foundation that is dedicated in helping girls and boys with cancer, covering the costs of the support programs which are medications, transportation (fare back and forth to their homes) and housing in the city when they have to get their treatments and food for as long as their sickness lasts.

Fanlyc also has a psico-social department that does the necessary follow up so that no child that is diagnosed abandons their treatment.

Some of the activities that took place in the camp were:

  • Physical Exercise: yoga with Leah, Boot camp con Bianca and bicycles, kayaks, SUP, games
  • Food: we went to Munchies, Paki Point, a delicious lunch in Gran Kahuna  and Yarisnori and in Aqua Lounge JJ offered ¡the best snack in history!
  • Stress management: we went to Recycle Bottle Village, workshop of recycled art, painting coconuts, saying hi to nature, we learned to take care of the ocean.
  • Spiritual: we learned about Tibetan  meditation with Tom, we practiced breathing and the love for nature in all of our activities.

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