The Caribbean is known for a lot of things: islands, sunshine, coconuts and reggae music. Punctuality, however, has never been one of the main tenets of the Caribbean style. On time or not- it’s always a good time in the Caribbean. I’d like to thank all the patient people out there, taking in the sunshine and most of all: enjoying the Breeze…


Yes, the Breeze is read over seas! Here’s a copy with Joan Bergmans in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Joan is Bocas-lover who frequents the islands. You can find her in the line up, making surf art and spreading ocean aware- ness to the local surf communities. You can find her at the new Red Frog Beach Activity Center next to Nachyo Mommas Taco Bar (see February’s issue). Send a picture of you and your copy of the Breeze from somewhere else in the world and perhaps you’ll find yourself in the Bocas Breeze.

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