(Prensa Latina) The recent bloodsheds in different sites of the country have been causing fear among the population today and concern in the Panamanian authorities, who state that violence comes from organized drug trafficking groups.

Carlos Jasso/Reuters

Facing this background, President, Juan Carlos Varela; Security Minister, Alexis Bethancourt, and the directors of the security bodies, reiterated their commitment in the fight against this scourge.

According to estimates from the International Intelligence Agencies, the production of drugs is around 1,000 metric tons per year; meanwhile, the activities associated with the distribution of these illegal substances are more dangerous.

This situation generates the development of local gangs, which along with international drug cartels are directly responsible for more than 70 percent of homicides taking place in the country, the text said.

The corresponding authorities have seized in 2017 about 64 tons of drugs in Panama, being November the record month when accounting more than nine tons.

Also on the list are the different operations against drug leaders.