Congratulations goes to Lyn for her picture of the hummingbird. It had the same number of Likes as the Toucan, however, people commented more on this one. As Russell said, the lighting is good and its colorful. I also liked that the eyes were sharp and shiny.  Enjoy a tasty lunch and drink courtesy of The Pub!


Your next photo challenge is SIGHTS AND SOUNDS. This  should be easy for us living in Bocas. It could be photos of your favourite guitarist, drummer, people dancing at Munchies or the Bookstore, capturing music is the main challenge. “And remember, just as some music and photos can be loud, quiet moments can also speak volumes. Maybe it’s someone tuning an instrument, or a Mother singing a lullaby to a child, as it gets ready for nap.” Please send your submission to photochallenge@thebocasbreeze.com before October 8th. Check www.thebocasbreeze.com and our Facebook page to vote.

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