Bipolar Bocas Weather Can Be a Real Treat

Just because you wake up to a bunch of scary looking rain clouds doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be a beautiful day.  This time of year sees quite a bit of rain sometimes but the weather can turn from thunderstorms to the perfect beach day in a matter of minutes.  Check out these photos Darla Thomas took from the Hotel Gran Bahia a few weeks back; an example of how drastically the weather can change in just 2 hours.

9 AM

9 AM

11 AM

11 AM



Wow! What a game-changer that weather can be. Let the lesson be that if you wake up in Bocas to a storm like that- don’t put your flip flops away just yet. Weather the storm and a beautiful beach day could be waiting just around the corner.

Thank you Darla Thomas for the great photos and if you’d like to enjoy these views of Bocas Town, you can find them at the Hotel Gran Bahia.

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