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LIVE: Thousands join March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau

Posted on: Apr 16 2015 - 4:16pm | Comments Off
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Thousands of people from around the world arrived in Poland on Thursday for the annual March of the Living walk from the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz to the nearby Birkenau camp, as part of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year, people from more than 45 countries will take part in the event, with delegations from the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico, Panama, Greece, Australia, Morocco, France, Austria, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. Panama News from the source by our autoblog. Click here to go to the source media......

Panama Closes Its Capital For The Summit of the Americas


TODAY PANAMA – With the means to facilitate the development of the VII Summit of the Americas, the national authorities issued today Executive Decree mandating the closing of private offices on April 10th and 11th, 2015 for the Districts of Panama, San Miguelito and the township of Veracruz. Some 5,000 officers of various security of the Panamanian State will be deployed in the...

Presidente Obama is finally about to have his Latin America moment

Posted on: Apr 9 2015 - 8:29am | Comments Off
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PANAMA CITY —The stage is finally set for Barack Obama to have his Latin America moment: that triumphant, looking-sharp-in-a-new-guayabera wrist wave to a roomful of hemispheric leaders who cheer him on Cuba and graciously forgive his otherwise lackluster performance on the rest of the region over the past six years. Obama will arrive in Panama on April 10 with a strong tailwind, thanks to his bold strides to fix the U.S.’ 50-year-old failed policy on Cuba. The sudden and unexpected burst of energy makes Obama seem like a man with a plan for Latin America, rather than the guy who just spent half a decade lightly tending to a status-quo policy that set the United States on a steady trajectory of decline in the hemisphere. Now Obama wants...

Latin Auto Parts Expo is 95% reserved

The Latin Auto Parts Expo, set for June 18-20, 2015 in Panama, Republic of Panama is more than 95% reserved with more than 320 companies registered to participate. The U.S. Department of Commerce recently granted Trade Fair Certification to the Latin Auto Parts Expo. Panama News from the source by our autoblog. Click here to go to the source media......

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