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Eco Footprint Bocas

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Once again, volunteers have come together to benefit our islands. Thanks to the coordinating efforts of people who truly want to make a different Bocas is getting cleaner all the time. But this time, it’s competitive and each province has a chance to win! Twelve concerned citizens teamed up to compete in a contest held by Foundacion de Roba Morena, located in Panama City. Bocas’ competing project is called Bocas Eco Huella (Eco Footprint Bocas). The project consists of constructing garbage cans from recyclable materials. The first phase of the project produced 25 garbage cans made from plastic bottles that were placed in strategic areas in town. The second phase is to make and distribute 25 more. It takes roughly two hours and 80-100...


Tips for Being a Better Gringo

TODAY PANAMA – Foreigners living in Panama right now are living here at a sensitive time in Panama’s history. While Panama has for many years been known as a melting pot that is very open to foreigners, there is a growing anti-foreign backlash that is starting to take hold in certain segments of the population. Article by Michael Longo, Via

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Ministry of Environment Created


TODAY PANAMA – The National Assembly approved on its third reading the creation of the Ministry of Environment, which will be responsible for the environmental monitoring...

Panama Reports One Murder For Every 100,000 Inhabitants


TODAY PANAMA – Despite its light tendency to the fall, Panama reports today a murder for every 100,000 inhabitants, being men the segment most exposed to these facts (89 per cent). According to information of the Integrated System of Criminal Statistics (SIEC), last month 56 murders were registered in the country, five less than in equal period of 2014. Among the most common mobiles,...

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YOU could own your own private Panamanian island for less than a two-up, two-down in Sidcup – so what are you waiting for! The 10,893-square-foot Isla Paloma, on the northern...

The Third Set of Locks Project

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America is taking a great stride in our international trade strategy with the pursuit of the expansion of the Panama Canal, also called the Third Set of Locks Project. The plan started in 2007 but stopped due to an underestimate of funding, from which was blamed on error by the Panama Canal Port Authority’s “poor geological studies.” Panama News from the source by our autoblog. Click here to go to the source media......

Panama To Get 10MW Solar Power Plant

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TODAY PANAMA – The IIC has approved a loan of up to us$11.9 million for the construction of a 10MW solar power plant in the province of Cocle. From a statement issued by from the Inter-American Investment Corporation...


Panama Does About Turn Over Gasoline Tax

TODAY PANAMA – The Presidency has ordered the withdrawal of the draft law which proposed levying $0.05 per liter of gasoline, that would have been used to finance the payment of pensions and retirements. From a statement issued by the Government of Panama: The president, Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez instructed the Minister of Health, Francisco Javier Terrientes...

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